What is Complex Litigation?

Let’s face it, all litigation is difficult. But the skills required to successfully resolve an issue with commercial litigation tactics are very different than those required to resolve the complex multi-issue, multi-jurisdictional and multi-party suits typically characterized as complex litigation.

Complex Litigation Typically Involves:

  • The production, review and synthesis of large numbers of documents (either by the firm or the client, as either plaintiff or defendant)
  • The deposition of large witness populations
  • The mastering of huge amounts of data and of complex calculations
  • An in-depth understanding of many complex and related issues
  • Shortened timelines
  • Class action suits
  • The defense or cross-examination of expert witnesses regarding incredibly complex, technical or proprietary concepts
  • The use of technology and software to educate and persuade the court

Complex litigation is a cornerstone of the Tomlinson, Rust, McKinstry & Grable legal practice. Our litigation team is adept at successfully resolving cases featuring all of the above characteristics, in both federal and state courts as well as “trial-like” adjudicative settings.

When the judge and jury are watching, you need a team with a track record of success in the courtroom. You need Tomlinson, Rust, McKinstry & Grable.

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